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Wee Tot - (Ages 2 yrs 5 months - 3 yrs 7 months)
Students are not required to be potty trained.

The Wee Tot program is designed to introduce our youngest students to the wonderful world of school and to build a sense of self away from their home life. We offer two Wee Tot classes; one Co-op and one non Co-op. Our Co-op class requires a parent to volunteer in class two days per month.

Here are just some important skills we focus on in Wee Tot:

Socialization Skills:
Taking turns, sharing, listening, following directions, co-operative play, self-expression (verbal skills), adjusting to transitions, and positive teacher-child, parent-child relationships.

Self-Help Skills:
Developing self-confidence and taking pride in achievements; beginning self care (e.g. personal hygiene--hand washing, toileting and nose wiping); improving willingness to try new things, and communicating wants and needs.

Gross Motor Skills:
All gross motor skills are taught with safety in mind. These skills include running, jumping, climbing, trike riding, crawling through tunnels and developing self-confidence on playground equipment and outside.

Fine Motor Skills:
Block and play-dough manipulation; puzzles, sensory exploration; competency in use of materials such as glue, paint, rollers, stamps, scissors; correct use of markers and crayons.

Listening comprehension; introduction to colors, shapes, numbers, counting, basic cooking concepts, patterning and sequencing. Beginning science and social science; Introduction to our literary heritage through nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories.

Pleasant Hill Winslow Center
2590 Pleasant Hill Road
Pleasant Hill, CA

Monthly Fee:
Wee Tot (9:00 am - 11:30 am)
$290 for District residents/$310 for Non-District residents

Wee Tot (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
$350 for District residents/$370 for Non-District residents

Contact our Preschool Director, Sarah Smith at 925-676-5200 Ext. 626 or email at ssmith@pleasanthillrec.com

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