We provide three distinct preschool programs developed specifically for each age group and level of development. In each program, the curriculum offers a comprehensive set of readiness skills to create a community of active and enthusiastic learners.

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1. Wee Tot - (2 yrs 4 months - 3 yrs 7 months)
The Wee Tot program is designed to introduce our youngest students to the wonderful world of school and to build a sense of self away from their home life. Curriculum includes introduction to colors, shapes, numbers, counting, letters, pattern, sequencing, literature, science and social science. We offer two Wee-Tot classes: One 2.5 hours per day class and one 3 hour per day class. We gear the shorter class to the younger children.

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2. New Horizons - (3 yrs 3 months - 4 yrs 3 months)
The New Horizons program builds upon the skills learned in Wee Tots, encouraging greater self-reliance and confidence in a school environment. New Horizon continues to facilitate gross/fine motor development and increases focus on academics and readiness skills for our students. We offer a 3 hour per day class and a 4 hour per day class,

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3. Pre-Kindergarten - (4 yrs- Kindergarten entry)
Pre-Kindergarten is designed to prepare our students for Kindergarten. The curriculum continues to focus on positive social and emotional development, but introduces a higher level of academic challenge, providing them with the key building blocks each student needs to succeed in an elementary school classroom. Our AM class is 4 days per week and our PM class is 3 days per week.

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4. TIny Tot Morning Care - (Walking to 2 yrs 9 months)
Monday-Friday | 9:15 am - 12:15 pm
Pleasant Hill Community Center

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Our Locations:

Pre-K AM & PM, NH TWTh, Tiny Tot located at
Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive

Wee Tots and NH MWF located at
Winslow Center, 2590 Pleasant Hill Road

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Questions? Contact our Director, Sarah Smith at (925) 676-5200 Ext. 626 or email at ssmith@pleasanthillrec.com


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